Wed. Sep 20th, 2023

If you are swayed by astronomer Parke Kunkle of Minnesota’s research that the earth’s axis has shifted and the result is a jumbling of the zodiac signs, as reported by Fox News, the answer is yes. However, what if this a just another case of astronomers daftar idn poker continuing its mentality of astrology is wrong, and astronomy is right,which has been going on very seriously since 1750-1800.

Astrology Invented by Astronomers Themselves

Before then, both astronomy and astrology were intertwined, with astrology being referred to by Parke Kunkle. Western Astrology was invented by astronomers themselves; Babylonian or Chaldean astronomers of Mesopotamia (modern day Iraq) during the 7th century BC.

Savvy Western Astronomer/Astrologers

Also savvy western astronomer/astrologers who used this type of astrology long ago accounted for the change around 132 AD when it was first noticed. They quit using what was called a sidereal zodiac although Hindu and oriental astrologers continued, indeed backing up one’s zodiac sign one sign. What’s news about that though; that’s been going on for hundreds of years.

Astrologers Agree Upon One Thing

But then if astrologers had been asked before the sensational news was aired, what would happen to the controversy that it casino was intended to create? Middle of the road news is rarely presented at the beginning. Besides there are as many different type of astrology interpretations as there are cars or religions. The only thing most will agree upon is that astro-ology means the study of the heavens or cosmos.

Newton‘s Influence

During the late 1700’s, the ever so scientific western astronomers said, “Wake up, the Sun is no longer moving through the same band of sky as it was when astrology was introduced by the astronomers themselves.” By the way, it took the astronomers a long time to wake up themselves; this data was known about since the Roman Era. Most agree it was Newton’s influence that caused astrology to be fully deflated at this time.

Astrologer Benjamin Franklin

Even when the debunk judi dadu online of astrology was occurring, Benjamin Franklin, founder of our country, inventor of the lightening rod, the wood stove, watertight bulkheads for ships, bifocals, continued his pursuit as an astrologer. He just wrote under the pseudonym of R. Saunders for Poor Richard’s Almanac.

Get Rid of Everything

It could have been a mistake to discount all of astrology because of these facts, but that’s often what happens when a new often arrogant idea is presented. Revisions, amendments are not considered, but the whole body of knowledge is thrown out, keeping nothing.

Astrology Gives Insight Into Relationships

Astronomers could learn a lot about people from astrologers, especially when it comes to relationships which are at the heart of every situation. Even Einstein said when he wanted to know about people, he consulted astrology, specifically German astrology; makes sense as he was German. But then Einstein, early in his career, did not agree with everything Newton had to say, going beyond Newtonian mechanics to discover the theory of relativity. zodiac signs

Tropical Zodiac

For over two thousand years now, with the advent of the Tropical Zodiac, which began to be used instead of the sidereal zodiac, ancient astronomers/astrologers divided the band of sky that the Sun progressed in one Earth year (365.25 days) into twelve equal sections. It takes the sun approximately 30.43 days to pass through one section, which causes some variation each year.


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